Meet Sharath Chandra Ram – EXPERIMENTAL

Director/Producer: Sharath Chandra Ram

Sharath Chandra is an experimental media artist, currently based in Bangalore, India.

After graduating with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh (within the Institute of Perception, Action and Behavior)   in 2008 with specializations in Interactive Systems,  audio-video processing and Virtual Environments , he has  research interests pertaining to human machine interfaces, perception studies and adaptive systems in smart energy homes using persuasive agents.

His recent work ‘Neon Fauna’ (installed at the ‘Sound and Lights’ exhibition of  in collaboration with the Goethe Institute @Bangalore)  is his first in a series of interactive video art that shall explore ‘generalized symmetry’ and interactions that exist between Nature and Artificial Reality.

As a licensed radio broadcaster (VU3HPA), he has been an RJ for Edinburgh’s ‘Fresh Air’, produced radio documentaries for PANOS UK ( @Nepal), trainer for community radio NGOs (VOICES-UNDP), speaker at the International HAM-Radio Convention (Port Blair, 2006) and is a proponent of the free use of airwaves for relief work, education and transmission art.

As a film enthusiast, he is a member of the Edinburgh Filmhouse Film Guild and played an active part as a reviewer at the 2009 Edinburgh Film Festival.


About projectgreen2011

NOMAD Films is an independent film label working to further expose low-budget, innovative film and video projects to the masses. Via The NOMAD Project screenings and related events, partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals, and The NOMAD Archive – the label’s library of films – NOMAD Films promotes a range of content while at the same time working to create additional opportunities for film and video project development and production. The mission of NOMAD Films is to increase overall exposure of and create production and distribution opportunities for underground and/or low-budget film and video projects.

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