Creative Migration launches Kickstarter campaign for Project Green + first Skype w/ mentor!

We have launched a fundraising/media campaign via Kickstarter to complete our short film for Project Green:

Our new website has launched:

Skype session with our mentor Adriano Valerio about how to document our sustainable filmmaking process – outlining specific examples of what we could have done conventionally, but how we decided to do the same thing sustainably. This makes Project Green stand out from other film initiatives – here’s some of our first implementations:

  • pre-production/production materials electronically instead of using paper
  • re-chargeable batteries
  • public transport instead of cars
  • reusable water bottles instead of purchasing disposable
  • purchasing carbon offsets

* We’re scheduling our interviews, travel and additional press this week  – more updates soon!

** Here’s a recent PR blog about Creative Migration – despite several incorrect facts – it’s still pretty great – will let you know when it’s been fixed:


About creativemigration

Creative Migration (CM) is a not-for-profit organization that produces documentary films promoting socially engaged art projects that mobilize change. Vision: We shift perspectives by showing examples of what is possible in our world. We aim to inspire young people to take concrete action in their own lives and communities. Values: Elevating ideas and stories can spark social change in our everyday lives. Our platform encourages collaboration and participation by providing access to artists in social practice.


  1. Thanks for the update! Be sure to keep us posted on those interviews! Eager to learn more about collaborations and additional involvement! And congrats on the press – incorrect facts or not! More soon, please!

  2. fountainbluefilms

    A really good kickstarter campaign. Great going guys

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