20% funded on Kickstarter + the challenges along the way …

We are 20% funded for our documentary short film on Green Patriot Posters.  Raising fund via crowd-sourcing is always stressful and of course, there’s no guarantee that we will make our goal.  This definitely adds an intensity to our entire production.

In planning the next couple of months, we have some changes/developments:

 NYC production dates will be around September 10-15 to interview DJ Spooky and Michael Bierut.  We are planning to stay with friends, use public transit and eat responsibly while there.

–  Dmitri Siegel is moving to Los Angeles the beginning of Sept., so we do not have to travel to Philadelphia anymore.  We can interview him locally.

–  We now are interviewing Mathilde Fallot in Paris after our screenings in Stockholm.  She also has graciously agreed to design our documentary’s poster!  The added travel to Paris balances out not going to Philadelphia.  It makes sense to get this interview done while we are already in Europe, it saves money and cuts down on our carbon footprint (see our blog post on sustainable travel).

–  Unfortunately, we are unable to coordinate with Geoff McFetridge before October due to scheduling conflicts.  This is disappointing, but he is still able to sign 10 books for our Kickstarter rewards.

–  We have a new part-time assistant – Aleks (Leks) Aouad!  Thanks to our pro bono lawyer/board member Jeffrey R. Boxer for his generous donation of paying Leks 10 hours a week to work on Creative Migration.

–  We have a business manager – Debbie Lippert – she is helping us fine tune our finances – preparing our non-profit to get some major funding!

–  Thanks to The Canary Project donating 20 books to our campaign, we lowered the reward from $100 pledge to $60!

p.s. Please vote for our teaser on Climate Change TV – the video with the most votes gets awarded $5,000:  http://www.climate-change.tv/video-award#7036  this will help us purchase more equipment in order to keep our production team small and green.


About creativemigration

Creative Migration (CM) is a not-for-profit organization that produces documentary films promoting socially engaged art projects that mobilize change. Vision: We shift perspectives by showing examples of what is possible in our world. We aim to inspire young people to take concrete action in their own lives and communities. Values: Elevating ideas and stories can spark social change in our everyday lives. Our platform encourages collaboration and participation by providing access to artists in social practice.

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