Seasons of Change: full steam ahead on a shoe string …

“What if the seasons didn’t mean anything anymore? And climate behaved unpredictably? You don’t really want to hear about global warming but increasingly you will have to.” – Mathilde Fallot

Production for Project Green comes with its own set of challenges, primarily the time crunch we are now facing.  Oh Kickstarter, it was so much easier to raise funding last year when we weren’t in production during a campaign.  I keep “kicking” myself that we chose 44 days instead of the full 60 days.  But, it’s not over.  We have 12 days left, and a lot of faith that we will make out goal.  Here comes the big push – it’s gotta happen!

We have some good news:

  • LA and NYC crews are all set (volunteers supplying their own equipment)!
  • NYC interviews and locations confirmed – DJ Spooky at Center for Architecture and Michael Bierut at Pentagram
  • NYC accommodations courtesy of Pachyderm Consulting
  • NYC flights courtesy of my frequent flyer miles!
  • recording a Skype message this Friday from Mathilde Fallot for a Kickstarter!!!!
  • getting the rest of our crew outfitted with FCP7 courtesy of our steadfast supporter Eric Kim

I spoke with our mentor, Adriano Valerio, last night.  He has been very helpful in guiding us through our creative process.  We decided to speak again once we have a new version of our rough cut, which also leaves enough room for the interviews in September.

Please help Creative Migration make this happen (and as “greenly” as possible); not only will your pledge help our project, but your donation is tax deductible and we’ll send you some pretty cool take-aways!  Please check out our 3 minute video to learn more:

Many thanks,



About creativemigration

Creative Migration (CM) is a not-for-profit organization that produces documentary films promoting socially engaged art projects that mobilize change. Vision: We shift perspectives by showing examples of what is possible in our world. We aim to inspire young people to take concrete action in their own lives and communities. Values: Elevating ideas and stories can spark social change in our everyday lives. Our platform encourages collaboration and participation by providing access to artists in social practice.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Susannah! Sounds like everything really is pulling together. Please continue to keep us posted on all! We’re eager for these posts and are very excited to hear more soon!

  2. fountainbluefilms

    Great going guys

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