Mathilde Fallot says “Become a GREEN PATRIOT!”

The lovely Mathilde Fallot invites you to join our movement into greater sustainability!  Pledge to our Kickstarter campaign by August 29th and make a difference …

In keeping with our sustainable filmmaking actions, we did a quick video with contributor Mathilde Fallot via Skype on the iPad. We plan to interview her in Paris after our Project Green screenings in Stockholm.

Thanks to one of our mentors, Guillaume Wolf (Prof. G), we are starting daily videos for the rest of our Kickstarter campaign. This will log our progress AND make our project more personal/dynamic.  With 9 days left, we are reinvigorating our campaign to encourage more audience participation in our green adventure!

We have also decided to film short vignettes on sustainable actions we are taking during our production. This will really help us adapt to new pro-environmental behavior by actually documenting how we doing it and sharing it with you. Stay tuned for that …

Merci beaucoup!


About creativemigration

Creative Migration (CM) is a not-for-profit organization that produces documentary films promoting socially engaged art projects that mobilize change. Vision: We shift perspectives by showing examples of what is possible in our world. We aim to inspire young people to take concrete action in their own lives and communities. Values: Elevating ideas and stories can spark social change in our everyday lives. Our platform encourages collaboration and participation by providing access to artists in social practice.

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