Completion of Schedule Two Shooting- WAT(EV)ER

Last couple of weeks we completed the shooting schedule in the state of Kerala. Kerala is the state were there is abundant rainfall yet scarcity of water. We saw some heartbreaking visuals of people swimming inside their houses with pots and coming down the streets wading through hip length water, to collect drinking water in their pots. This water filled villages have only saline water and so they have to depend on tankers which bring water. We have completed the shooting of Kerala. It was done in three different districts. Geetika started her journey from the ultimate source rain water and continued traveling along with streams, rivulets, backwaters,lakes and finally reached the sea. She was exploring the journey of water. Meanwhile, we tried to have the limited crew and travelled in public transports for the purpose. All most all the meetings were done in our house and the shot lists and details were typed into our Macbook instead of writing it down. This practice was somewhat new to the crew. But we gave them a class about sustainable initiative of project green. Then our camera man Neil Dcunha came up with a new idea. Instead of using plastic raincoats for the monsoon, he to drench himself. And we returned our raincoats.Initially the rest of the crew thought he was mad. But soon everyone joined in. So we were shooting completely soaked, only the camera was covered. This initiative was more fun and ideally we could experience monsoon literally while trying to capture its different facets. Thankfully the cameras were safe and none of us fell ill.

Also, an article was published in the national daily, THE HINDU, about WAT(EV)ER. Here is the link

Another great turning point was the Maharajah again deciding to be a part of the project. initially we had planned to make him a character in the Rajasthan schedule. Rajasthan is a desert in India, about 5000 miles from Kerala. And we had decided to shoot this week. but maharajah pulled out bcos of a travel plan. Now, he is back and we will be shooting him on Sept first week. I know, that will reduce our post production time, but still we wanted to keep him. Moreover, Tobias, our mentor also advised to have the maharajah. We will be leaving for Rajasthan on the 3rd of September. Until then we are editing and working on the Ladakh(snow) and Kerala(monsoon) portion. Since Tobias was busy, we couldnt speak with him last week. But he has promised to give us more inputs this week. Simultaneously we have also sent our passports for visa application to Sweden. Thanks to the GAP team and Sarah, who took a lot of pain for this. Currently we are working on the second trailer.

Geetika shooting from an elephant


About fountainbluefeatures

Co-Directors/Co-Producers: Sudip Joshy and Geetika Sudip SUDIP JOSHY and GEETIKA SUDIP are a husband wife director duo who have scripted three feature films in Malyalam language( Akam(2010), Black Forest(2012) and John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu(2014). Black Forest won teh National Award for best film on environment conservation. They have directed a documentary Wat(ev)er in 2011 which was screened at IDSFFK and Stockholm Project Green.They have also done four television films shot in India, three short films shot in France and a few advertisement films and corporate videos. Sudip completed his Master’s in Filmmaking from the International Film School of Paris and Geetika has an MBA from INSEAD in media management. They have translated the screenplay for a feature film ‘Agam’ in Malayalam.

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