Project Green Goes to Stockholm!!!

As you know well, back in April NOMAD Films and partner Global Action Plan Sweden launched Project Green, a sustainable filmmaking initiative in which five production teams – from the United Kingdom, India, Vietnam and the United States – were selected and paired with mentors to produce projects via sustainable methods of filmmaking, and with sustainability at the core of the subject matter.

The five projects selected were:

– GREASE LIGHTING – Handcrafted Films (London, England)
– WAT(EV)ER – Fountain Blue Films (Bangalore, India)
– GREEN PATRIOT POSTERS – Creative Migration (Los Angeles, California, USA)
– Community Vegetable Garden / The Story of Phuc TAN – Action Center for City Development (Ha Noi, Vietnam) – Teaser
– Thinking small – Sharath Chandra Ram (Bangalore, India) – Teaser

Production has been underway since June 2011, and the production teams have been working incredibly hard to complete the final projects in time for the screenings that start this weekend in Stockholm.

The films will screen Bio Rio Cinema on Sunday, October 2nd, at 11AM, as part of the theater’s Cinema Breakfast series.  An additional screening will take place at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology on Monday, October 3rd, at 4PM.  A question and answer session with filmmakers and Project Green creators will take place following each screening; a round table discussion, to further review the suggested methods of sustainable filmmaking and to create a set of industry standards, will take place on Monday, following the screening at the museum.

Biografteatern Rio Cinema
Hornstulls Strand 3
T-bana: Hornstull

Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology
Museivägen 7
113 31 Stockholm SWEDEN

A third screening, featuring a film selected from the prior two programs, is planned for Tuesday, October 4th.  The screening will take place during TEDx Hornstull.  Further details to be announced via GAP’s website.

Throughout the development of the Project Green initiative, and as participants’ projects have gone from mere proposals to finished works, we’ve asked many questions about how film can be used to influence behavior – the behavior of those viewing the film as well as those creating it.  Following each of the screenings in Stockholm we will ask another series of questions, related to the task of creating a film project using sustainable methods.  How realistic is “sustainable filmmaking”, in terms of efficiency as well as financially, and which, of all the methods we proposed, were the most adaptable given the strict time constraints for the production as well as for the final pieces?  Is producing sustainable projects something that can only be done on a very basic level, or could blockbuster productions even adapt?  Participants will talk about the methods they incorporated, resources they relied on, and their biggest challenges throughout this entire process.  We will learn how this initiative may or may not have influenced their approach to upcoming projects, and what it was all worth.  Most importantly, we’ll work together with participants and mentors to develop a standard list of sustainable practices, which we will share with our collaborators and with the industry at large in hopes of encouraging momentum in this movement towards sustainable production.

Buy tickets for Project Green’s premiere on Sunday, including breakfast at Bio Rio Cinema Theater, HERE!!!  And sign up to see films at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology HERE.

For more information about Project Green projects, participants, mentors and related events, please check out our blog:

And please share this information with others who may be interested in joining NOMAD Films, GAP Sweden, and the Project Green participants October 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Stockholm!


About projectgreen2011

NOMAD Films is an independent film label working to further expose low-budget, innovative film and video projects to the masses. Via The NOMAD Project screenings and related events, partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals, and The NOMAD Archive – the label’s library of films – NOMAD Films promotes a range of content while at the same time working to create additional opportunities for film and video project development and production. The mission of NOMAD Films is to increase overall exposure of and create production and distribution opportunities for underground and/or low-budget film and video projects.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to all of the participants! Looking forward to sharing your work with Stockholm’s audiences, and to further promoting sustainable filmmaking worldwide!!!

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