Much love from Stockholm!

Project Green participants (left to right) Susannah Tantemsapya, Giang Ngyen, Geetika Sudip and Sudip Joshy, and NOMAD Films co-Founder and Project Green Director (second from left) Ari Allansson preparing for the screenings in Stockholm!

Outside of Bio Rio Cinema, in Stockholm:


Discussion at the Tekniska Museet (Technology Museum) following a Project Green screening:

The group outside of the Tekniska Museet following the screening/discussion:

More images and notes from the Project Green extravaganza in Stockholm to come!  And, of course, MUCH more on what’s next for Project Green, this year’s participants, and how you can get involved for the next edition!


About projectgreen2011

NOMAD Films is an independent film label working to further expose low-budget, innovative film and video projects to the masses. Via The NOMAD Project screenings and related events, partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals, and The NOMAD Archive – the label’s library of films – NOMAD Films promotes a range of content while at the same time working to create additional opportunities for film and video project development and production. The mission of NOMAD Films is to increase overall exposure of and create production and distribution opportunities for underground and/or low-budget film and video projects.

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