Resources & Links

Below are links to organizations, initiatives and events lending valuable insight/effort into greening productions:

Producers Guild of America Green

PGA Green’s Green Production Guide

PGA Green’s (and Project Green 2012’s Official) Unified Best Practices Guide

Ecosecurities: Developer and supplier of emission reductions

WaterWise Consulting: Consulting company assisting clients to implement water conservation practices

Film Biz Recycling: Free advice on where to donate and divert materials after you wrap, recycled prop house and more.

The Expendable Recycler: Expendables recycling

California Film Commission Green Resources Guide

Environmental Media Association: The only industry non-profit dedicated to harnessing the power of media to promote sustainable lifestyles through environmentally-conscious celebrity role models, tastemakers and corporations as well as green plotlines and physical productions.

Good Samaritan Law: Food donation

California Department of Toxic Substances Control: Hazardous waste haulers

Oregon Film Commission’s Green Guides 

Philadelphia Film Commission’s GreenerS.E.T.S. Program: The Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s Going Greener campaign was initiated to help productions reduce waste and diminish their impact on the environment.

NBC Universal – Green Is Universal 

Fox Broadcasting – Green It Mean It

Disney: Disney’s various green initiatives

Warner Bros. Environmental Initiatives

Green Screen Toronto: The Green Screen Toronto Initiative aims to facilitate the long-term growth of Toronto and Ontario’s entertainment and creative cluster through industry-wide participation by creating a program that is adaptive to new environmental demands affecting the industry.

Irish Film Board Green Production Guidlines PDF

Best Buy: Information about Best Buy’s electronics recycling program

This list is continually evolving, so please check back for updates, and/or submit your own suggestions and we’ll add them to the list.


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