Suggested Methods for Sustainable Production

The PGA Green Unified Best Practices Guide will be the official production resource for the 2012 edition of Project Green.  The guide represents the best current strategies for green production, based on the experience of a wide range of producers working in the field today to achieve sustainability in motion picture and television production.

The guide was created to help independent producers and their production teams reduce the carbon emissions and environmental impacts of their film, TV and New Media productions. It is organized by production phases and departments, facilitating crew members to focus on the green strategies relevant to their needs.

The first section focuses on what producers need to do to get started – when to make the commitment, how to maximize efficacy and ways to maintain progress. The second section concentrates on how to set up the production office — an important phase which will influence the green achievements of all other departments. The next ten sections cover the production through wrap, editing and distribution.

View the PGA Green Unified Best Practices Guide.

The PGA Green Unified Best Practices Guide was produced by Green Media Solutions LLC.  For more information about the guide, and for additional green production resources, please visit

Greening The Screen Templates


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