Creative Migration (Los Angeles, CA)

Director/Producer: Susannah Tantemsapya
Susannah Tantemsapya is the Founder/Executive Director of Creative Migration, a not-for-profit organization that produces documentary films promoting socially engaged art projects that mobilize change. She is also a contributing writer for Whitewall Magazine.

Co-Producer: Hilary White


Green Patriot Posters brings together the strongest contemporary graphic design promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change. This campaign uses dynamic posters to encourage citizen participation in building a sustainable economy (created by The Canary Project). These posters can be general (“We Can Do It!”) or can promote a specific sustainability action.

Green Patriot successfully raised funds to take over eight bus kiosks in San Francisco–during December 2010–via LoudSauce, the first crowdfunded media buying platform that allows art and social causes to take their messages to the streets.

We have already interviewed Shepard Fairey (contributor), Edward Morris (The Canary Project/co-editor of Green Patriot Posters), Susannah Sayler (The Canary Project), Colin Mutchler (LoudSauce), Rupa Tejura (LoudSauce) and citizens on the streets of San Francisco!


We have recently conducted interviews with the following key contributors:

  • Los Angeles – Geoff McFetridge
  • New York City – DJ Spooky & Michael Bierut
  • Philadelphia – Dmitri Siegel

We launched a Kickstarter Campaign to cover all travel expenses, production/post production – i.e. equipment (sound/lighting/cameras), additional fundraising (proposals/grants) and exposure (film festival fees/PR) for our film, which raised OVER $7,000!  THANK YOU!

We are also working with Brighter Planet to reduce our carbon offset for our filming and travel. Those costs are factored in so our production can be as sustainable as possible.


Our screenings for Project Green in Stockholm are the perfect platform to launch our campaign to expand our short film on Green Patriot Posters into a full-length feature called THE GREEN AMERICAN ROAD TRIP.

Creative Migration will evolve into active participants by “greening” the classic American road trip: promoting pro-environmental behavior to GENERATION Yand expanding this existing grassroots, visual campaign into a national movement for sustainable travel.

Susannah Tantemsapya is also the lead characters. As members of GEN Y, our challenge is not only to change our own habits, but also influence others to do the same. By demonstrating simple, sustainable methods that are convenient/doable, not only will our experiment make a unique contribution, but also invigorate environmental movement to incite MILLENNIALS to become the “Greenest Generation” (Thomas L. Friedman).

Production is scheduled for SUMMER 2012.  Any additional funds raised via Kickstarter will go towards to our feature – holler!



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