Project Green Guidelines For Participation

NOMAD Films requires that selected participants heed to the below guidelines throughout the production process:

  1. MENTOR: Filmmakers will each be assigned a mentor – a film industry professional and/or sustainability expert – and will have bi-weekly calls (or in-person meetings when possible) to review the production process and progress and to work through any obstacles.  NOMAD Films executives will be invited to participate in each of these calls.
  2. Participants are required to meet with mentor and NOMAD Films executives PRIOR to the start of production, to determine which of the production methods suggested in the Producers Guild of America Green’s Unified Best Practices Guide will be incorporated.
  3. The subject matter – whether the film or video is documentary, narrative or animated – should address or promote some aspect of sustainability, ultimately empowering the audience to make more sustainable-minded efforts in their own individual lives.
  4. The project can be no shorter than FIVE (5) MINUTES in length, and no longer than THIRTY (30) minutes in length.  Any projects less than or exceeding this length must be approved by NOMAD Films before the start of production.
  5. Films must be in English, or include English subtitles/text where relevant.
  6. BLOGGING: Participants will be required to submit content to NOMAD Films for bi-weekly posts to the Project Green Blog.  NOMAD Films will provide themes/areas of focus for each post.  Posts should include:
    ○   Notes and/or feedback from various aspects of the production: what do you find easy about the guidelines? What is difficult? What is reasonable and/or what is outrageous, and what just doesn’t work? How are the guidelines positively or negatively affecting your methods of production?
    ○   Timeline/production planning: Do you think this was a productive two weeks? What are your goals for this coming week and what are you planning for next week?  Please discuss any upcoming key dates.
    ○   Photographs and/or brief video diaries providing a behind-the-scenes look at the production experience; short clips or sequences from the actual film/video.
  7. Pending scheduling, availability and funding, participants and mentors will attend the screenings and participate in the Question/Answer sessions and any other Project Green related screenings and/or events.
  8. NOMAD Films does not charge a submission fee for participation in Project Green.  Additionally, a portion of any financial support received for this initiative will be used to support production efforts.  That said, NOMAD Films does request that participants promote Project Green fundraising initiatives and are an active member of NOMAD Films and Project Green’s online networks.

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