About NOMAD Films

NOMAD Films is an independent film label working to further expose low-budget, innovative film and video projects to the masses.  Via The NOMAD Project screenings and related events, partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals, and The NOMAD Archive – the label’s library of films – NOMAD Films promotes a range of content while at the same time working to create additional opportunities for film and video project development and production.

In selecting films for screening and/or for The NOMAD Archive, NOMAD Films takes into account the financial limitations within the independent film industry as well as continuously evolving filmmaking technology.  Ultimately, the goal of NOMAD Films is to support and assist independent film and video makers in reaching audiences, done via unique and varying screening methods and distribution outlets as well as through strategic partnership development.

The mission of NOMAD Films is to increase overall exposure of and create distribution opportunities for underground and/or low-budget film and video projects; and to work with filmmakers and partners on production and project development.

To learn more about NOMAD Films, please visit http://nomadfilms.net/.


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