On-Going Call For Proposals and Application Materials

Through Project Green, NOMAD Films promotes sustainable film and video making practices by commissioning filmmakers to produce ecological-minded projects using sustainable methods of production. Film and video makers are invited to submit proposals for an ecological-minded media project produced via sustainable methods of production.

The CALL FOR PROPOSALS is on-going while NOMAD Films fundraises and further defines the scope for the 2013 production timeline and screenings/events.

Review the Project Green 2012 Guidelines, and note that PGA Green’s Unified Best Practices Guide will serve as Project Green’s official production resource.  


Potential participants must submit:
– A project proposal and/or film/video synopsis UP TO FIVE PAGES (but no less than two pages)
– A detailed projected budget for the entire production, including how much of the funding is already secured and what additional funding is needed
– A production timeline, which includes key dates for pre-production and research through final edits
– A completed Project Green 2012 Application
– Signed and dated Project Green 2012 Rules and Terms of Agreement*
– Supplementary materials: Participants are invited to send reels, links, and/or additional materials which inform upon filmmaking abilities and/or experience

All information should be e-mailed as PDF attachments to sarah@nomadfilms.net. Signed Rules and Terms of Agreement can be scanned and e-mailed, otherwise should be mailed to the below address:

Sarah Schutzki
Executive Director | NOMAD Films
86 Waverly Avenue – Ground Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11205 USA

Please contact Sarah Schutzki (sarah@nomadfilms.net) with any questions.


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