Project Green 2012 – Curated Sustenance

Through Project Green, NOMAD Films promotes sustainable film and video making practices by commissioning filmmakers to produce ecological-minded projects using sustainable methods of production. The initial edition of Project Green, which launched early 2011 and screened October 2011 in Stockholm and Kista, Sweden, introduced us to many different filmmakers utilizing sustainable methods of production in everyday practice around the world. Most of these filmmakers were doing so out of mere necessity – the cost of filmmaking is high, so where corners can be cut and equipment/materials borrowed or recycled, they are – but a small percentage were also keeping in mind the effects their work had on the environment, present and future, and were shifting the use of what resources they had in an effort to minimize their overall footprint.

The 2011 screenings were a success, and the question/answer sessions following further confirmed a vast public interest in better understanding methods of sustainable production, as well as a need for a more proactive approach to working with filmmakers throughout their production, as well as to helping them raise the funds necessary to continue their work.

NOMAD Films is pleased to announce the Project Green CALL FOR PROPOSALS is on-going while NOMAD Films fundraises and further defines the scope for the 2013 production timeline and screenings/events. In an effort to keep the initiative alive during this production downtime, NOMAD Films will curate a program for October 2012 screenings in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Project Green 2012 program will include Project Green 2011 pieces and will also incorporate works from a range of filmmakers working all over the world, each utilizing various methods of sustainable production and serving as prime examples for the rest of us to follow.

Review the Project Green Guidelines, and note that PGA Green’s Unified Best Practices Guide will serve as Project Green’s official production resource.  


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